Fast becoming one of the largest exclusive spanking sites on the internet.  Bernice began filming her own exclusive material just this year but has already compiled over 30 galleries of awesome spanking images.  The girls are some of the cutest we have seen and they end up with very red asses.  There are many creative scenarios involving women in uniform (maid, army girls, office secretary...etc), and the variety of implements used is excellent.  Visit now to see exclusive scenes from top model Aura!

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Sting in the Tail Productions

Wow!  We have recently watched all of the Sting in the Tail productions videos.  This is some of the very best caning action we have ever seen.  You will see beautiful English girls take canings that would make a grown man cry.  They really know how to use the cane here.  In several videos you can watch a cute girl take 12 of the best, followed by 12 more, then 12 more, then 12 more, unbelievable!  If you like hard caning action and realistic story lines, then these are the videos for you!

Sting in the Tail Productions

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