Ok, we have seen good school type paddling videos, but this is the very best of the best.  We do not personally feel there has ever been a better recreation of a school paddling than this.  If you think it looks like a well staged paddling, you are wrong.  The videos that go with this show that these are very real and incredibly hard swats...OUCH!!!!  There are many more just like it on her site.

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cheerpaddledesk174.jpg (151966 bytes) brandipaddle07.jpg (76111 bytes) brandipaddle10.jpg (93338 bytes) brandipaddle05.jpg (104195 bytes) should be your only choice if you are interested in seeing authentic and severe paddling videos.  They have more paddlings videos than most sites have videos total.  For fans of school type scenes, you will not want to miss their "School Swats" series.  Nowhere else can you see real girls get real paddlings like


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For you fans of schoolgirls and paddling, you are in for a treat.  The RS Institute is a school for troubled girls aged 18-21.  There stay is court ordered, so they have no choice but to accept the frequent punishments they are subjected to.  For paddling fans this site has it all; The Dean, the Coach, and strict teachers.

Visit the Institute

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Jessica has the cutest bottom of any spanking model on the web.  Unlike most, she has firsthand experience with being paddled at school.  On her site you will her reenact many of the painful paddlings from her youth.  If you question the severity, just take a look at the last pic on the right.  You will see her paddled hard enough that she is unable to sit down.

Visit Jessica 

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