Well Spanked
This is where we honor those websites with stars (amateur & pro) that take the hardest spankings.

Webmistress Alex- Realspankings.com

Although she also administers hard punishments, she is subject to very hard discipline herself.  Two thumbs up for her perfect ass.

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Rosey- Realspankings.com

Rosey used to be a regular at realspankings.  She visited the webmaster for very real punishment session, which were all recorded.  Very rarely do you see a young lady take this intensity of a punishment.

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Webmistress Nikki- Blistered Butts

Blistered Butts has begun filming their own exclusive content with their very own webmistress Nikki.  She has a wonderful bottom and it is evident from her photos, she takes it very hard.  Extra bonus points for the incredible tan lines.

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Debbie- Nu-West

No discussion of girls who have taken hard spankings on film would be complete without including the legendary Debbie.  She has endured some of the hardest paddlings and hair brushings ever caught on film.

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Webmaster- Realspankings.com

When discussing well worn bottoms, we cannot leave out all the guys who take hard spankings for our entertainment.  One of the first to come along online is the webmaster at realspankings.  He shows that he takes as much as he gives.

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K- women-spanking-men.com

Only known as K, he has the distinction of taking the hardest punishment ever delivered to a man that we have seen online.  No warm-up for him, Miss J just blisters his ass for 30 minutes straight.

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S- Women-spanking-men.com

Seems all the boys at women-spanking-men get proper punishment.  S takes a very hard paddling from Miss J.  6 strokes from each wooden paddle, without a warm-up, Ouch!!!

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